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Some might describe Paige as a baller. Others would say she’s the finest hippie in all the land. A small portion of the Chilean trucker community might call her the queen of the hitchhikers. One thing is for sure; she is a fantastic adventurer and an even better friend.

When she is not busy studying, going to school, reading, or poking wild animals, Paige can be found looking for a new country to explore. I look forward to my weekly Facebook message that reads “Dude! We should go to (insert name of an obscure country here)”. So far I have agreed to Everest Base camp, visiting Iceland, opening orphanages in India and Africa, returning to South America to teach English, opening the worlds first traveling hostel/bookstore/restaurant/pirate ship, and visiting strangers that we’ve met from numerous countries (She’s coming for you Montz from Sweden!)

One of the few people who would kill for a two day layover in a country like Turkmenistan or buying a house boat and converting it into a Nepalese Hostel, Paige is someone who follows through with her ideas. She has spent time teaching English in Ecuador, studying Spanish in Chile, exploring parts of Western Europe, and introducing the world to Maryland’s favorite spice, Old Bay. She intends to return to the city of Valparaiso and continue her work with adorable Chilean children, teaching Spanish and surfing. After that she’ll probably be on her way down to Antarctica with a Chilean sailor or crashing with a gaucho in Argentina.

A few other things you should know:
– She’s a sea horse (she’s unreal)
– She makes an excellent crepe
– She shaved her head and looked ten times more gorgeous (despite what anybody from Barcelona says)


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