Why Empty Pockets?

On the bus to Torres del Paine National Park, after our breakfast at  Erratic Rock hostel, (known for its astounding collection of classic VHS tapes and rockin’ home made peanut butter) our group of friends made some small talk with the other gringos on our bus.

One of the other travelers caught our interest, he was your typical bearded, life-loving, hippie mochilero. We got to talking and when we inquired about his lifestyle he was more than happy to inform us that he walked every day with only his 50 pound backpack. He had his tent, his various foods, (but not avocados, which are a bit of a luxury for backpackers poundage-wise as we were informed later), and that was about it. Then he said to us, “you know you don’t really need much, empty pockets, full soul.”

Empty pockets, full soul. How perfect. These backpackers making their way through South America, no money, hitchhiking, and sleeping in tents, living life simply. Going to bed with cheap ramen noodles in their stomachs, and peeing outside, but falling asleep having seen one of sights that many claim should be a wonder of the world.

When we decided to start co-writing this blog our first obstacle was the name, but at the end of it, Empty Pockets, Full Soul was the one we agreed upon. For us at least, that’s the end goal of all of this. Making memories, feeling as though we’re making the most of our time here, money or no money, (although more likely the latter).



Andrew and I, along with our friends Katita and Joe at Lago Pehoé, in Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia.





Paige and Andrew met on a chilly July day in Santiago’s Arturo M. Benitez airport. After a semester or two abroad, a few countries between them, and lots of crazy adventures, the two are currently traveling the world separately (at least for now). Click our names on the menu to find out more about us!



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